New Aviation English Vocabulary

It's official!  The Airbus A320 is now being delivered with "sharklets" to IndiGo Airlines.  

IndiGo A320 with sharklets.  

Sharklets: newly designed wing-tip devices that improve the aircraft’s aerodynamics and significantly cut the airline’s fuel burn and emissions by four per cent on longer sectors.  Sharklets are an option on new-build A320 Family aircraft, and standard on all members of the A320neo Family. They offer the flexibility to A320 Family operators of either adding around 100 nautical miles more range or allowing increased payload capability of up to 450 kilograms. 

Yet another vocabulary term for our non-native English speaking pilots and controllers to add to their list.

Having just revised a "Parts of the Aircraft" lesson for my students, this makes me wonder if I'll be adding another lesson soon to accomodate new vocabulary words.  

What other words are new in the aviation industry that have come along in the last decade?  

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