Brief Analysis of 2012 LatAm Aviation

From The Huffington Post's blogger Christine Negroni:

Another area where the tree is growing and branches are thick with fruit is Latin America. The Star Alliance is ready to pick some of it, too having added Panama's Copa and Colombia's Avianca

American Airlines claims to own the region with more flights to more destinations, but there's more than a caffeine buzz jazzing the marketplace, as Joseph Mohan, a Copa veep explained when we met this summer in Panama City.

"There's been a decoupling of the economic survival of Latin America from the United States," he explained. "Latin America has grown organically, it's grown within itself." In the past it was always a question of which U.S.-based company would play a role in regional development, Joe explains, but now "there is much more intra-Latin American commerce," with a consequent boom in the continent's aviation industry.


Like I said yesterday, it's a bright outlook for Latin American aviation in 2013!  For the full article, go here: Flying Lessons from 2012

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