A Bright Future for Latin American Aviation

While the aviation industry struggles elsewhere around the world, there's an optimistic and promising outlook for the aviation industry in Latin America.  

New air carriers are cropping up all over Central and South America.  Virtually every major carrier in the world has plans to increase the number of flights to Latin America in 2013.  Existing cargo haulers and passenger airlines in the region are buying new airplanes as fast as Boeing and Airbus and produce them!  

Can aviation training programs and maintenance programs rise to the challenge?  That remains to be seen.  One of the biggest challenges will be in the area of operational communications.  Not only must Spanish speaking pilots meet ICAO level 4 requirements to fly internationally, but locally based controllers must also, as they direct more aircraft operated by internationally based crews.  

However, it goes beyond just meeting standards.  Pilots and controllers must feel comfortable and confident, communicating with one another via the prescribed lingua franca.  

Check out this article on one companies plans for expansion!

Tampa Air Cargo's new A330-200.  

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